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What do Crossing Guards do?

Updated: Jun 11

We see them standing in front of a school zone holding a big red sign that says "STOP" and wearing a big smile for everyone to see, assisting children to cross streets.

Crossing Guards are responsible for the safety of school children going to and returning from school at an assigned location. They assist school children in crossing traffic intersections at an assigned post during school hours especially when children are entering and leaving school.

Their work involves traffic control, supervising any person in crossing streets or highways all with the emphasis on safety.

Crossing Guard Stop Signs
School Zone Crossing Guards


Under the general supervision of the Police Chief, the employee in this class is responsible for assisting children in crossing traffic intersections.

A School Crossing Guard requires vigilance in directing and protecting children during those hours when they are entering and leaving school.

They are not a member of the uniformed Police Department of a municipality and does not perform police duties.


Crossing guards' duties mainly revolve around stopping traffic at crosswalks near a school for the safety of school children. Aside from this, they also instruct younger children on the precautions to be taken when crossing the street.

Other duties of crossing guards include them monitoring traffic flow to locate safe gaps through which pedestrians can cross. They also escort pedestrians, stopping traffic as necessary.

They can also record license numbers of vehicles disregarding traffic signals, and report infractions to appropriate authorities.


Some knowledge in giving first aid and the ability to be firm yet courteous with the public is a basic requirement, But getting along well with children and being able to think and act quickly in emergencies is a plus if you want to become a crossing guard.

Being a Crossing Guard is a noble job. It allows you to build connections not only with the children but also with the other members of the community.

Let's encourage our children to take some time and thank the crossing guards for keeping our kids safe.

Next Level Safety Supply has everything a crossing guard needs to perform their job to keep traffic moving slowly and carefully in school zones when children are present before and after school.

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